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The Mormon Delusion - Volume 2

The Secret Truth Withheld
from 13 Million Mormons

First Published - May 2009
Second Edition - September 2010


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormons) are taught a very limited, completely falsified set of beliefs and historical accounts regarding their Church. They are also taught never to look beyond authorised Church published material for evidence of the truth concerning the Church. Fear is used as a prime motivator, along with guilt which is also skilfully applied. This method of control and deception keeps the faithful from the truth. Members believe material written by so-called ‘enemies’ of the Church contains lies and falsifications designed to destroy their testimonies. Such material should be avoided or Satan may deceive them and lead them astray. Members accept this premise as true and have no idea that in reality; entirely the opposite is the case. The lies stem from within the Church and the ‘enemies of the Church’ are generally Mormon historians who simply reveal evidence of the truth.

The Mormon Delusion is a series, exposing the truth behind the Mormon Church. Volume 1 dealt with polygamy and little known polyandry which is carefully hidden from members by the Church. In this second volume, Whitefield compares Church teachings with the original truth behind those teachings. Evidence derived from Church history, Smith’s own writings and so-called scripture, conflicts dramatically with what the Church now portrays as the truth. Conclusive proof Smith’s ‘First Vision’ could not have occurred as and when claimed, is provided along with evidence that every other aspect of the restored ‘truth’ has been falsely constructed into a fairy tale of warm and fuzzy fiction. It is this fiction that potential converts take to the Lord in prayer in order to gain a testimony. The resulting supposed answer that people get is based on an entirely false premise and could therefore not possibly come from any God. It can only be a self-induced delusion based on false evidence and wishful thinking. Once again, Whitefield hits the mark in a hard hitting exposé of the truth behind Mormonism.

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Praise from other authors for TMD - Volume 2

Jim Whitefield is a skilled researcher and a courageous, “tell it like it is” writer. His The Mormon Delusion. Volume 2 is a comprehensive analysis of serious problems inherent within Mormonism. Some of these include Smith’s supernatural world of magic and mystery, contradictory versions of his first vision, his gold plates deception, serious scientific flaws in his Book of Mormon and his Book of Abraham, his extensive racism, and his migration from monotheism to polytheism. Whitefield exposes a system of deception that is almost beyond human comprehension. His analysis goes much deeper than most other books. I highly recommend The Mormon Delusion. Volume 2.

Arza Evans.  Author of: The Keystone of Mormonism.


In Volume 2 of The Mormon Delusion, Jim Whitefield turns his sharp eye to a plethora of problems associated with Mormonism; from the brazen fabrication of the Book of Abraham and other Smith revelations to the events surrounding the emergence of the church. In this candid and thoroughly-researched volume we see the results of the Mormon practice of telling only faith-promoting history. 

Simon G. Southerton Ph.D.  Author of: Losing a Lost Tribe; Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church.


Jim Whitefield has a writing style that is clear, accurate and easy to read. This book: The Mormon Delusion II is convincing; I cannot say enough good things about it. It surpasses every work I have read so far on Mormonism. 

In the PREFACE Jim spells out: “If you are new to Mormonism, this book will explain the truth behind the hoax and expose falsehoods, lies and the systematic cover-up of the underlying reality from the beginning, in such a manner that it is completely indisputable.” 

Jim makes good on his promise: 

In the FIRST CHAPTER Jim deals with Joseph Smith's money digging and stone peeping history.

In the SECOND CHAPTER Jim deals with Joseph Smith's First Vision; adding more detail to the subject than most people are probably aware is available. One major theme that Jim covers is how the Mormon Church has rewritten their history, and he documents this subject very well. 

The added detail and thorough documentation on the subjects Jim covers makes The Mormon Delusion II special. Also, instead of Jim's detailed accounts of Joseph Smith's ever changing stories clouding the subject matter; Jim is able to keep the subjects in focus. That is an extremely difficult task for an author to accomplish. 

In conclusion: I really enjoyed reading this book and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone interested in learning the truth about Mormonism. Get out your knife and fork and enjoy the feast Jim has prepared for you!  

Rich Kelsey.  Author of: Ride the Ark through Armageddon – A Survival Guide for Mankind.


The MORMON Delusion, Volume 2, by Jim Whitefield is a continuum volume to five other books all scrutinizing the historical basis of a modern religion, namely: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints otherwise known as The Mormon Church. Joseph Smith wore and used many hats. Whilst he had no knowledge of Egyptology and was no linguist, Smith claimed his god endowed him with such gifts in order to 'translate' ancient documents through the use of a seer stone with the aid of a hat. He claimed to be the man chosen by God to receive and restore what had been lost and did not exist on the earth since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; namely the true gospel of Jesus Christ and its priesthood. He claimed to be the author of the Bible of the New World, i.e., The Book of Mormon. He claimed to have seen the resurrected Jesus, God and a few other Celestial beings. To these add prophet, seer, and revelator. In Volume 2 Jim Whitefield analyzes Smith's works in scientific detail.

I do not know how Whitefield managed to remain fair and neutral in his treatment through all the material he covered in the book, but he did. After a few pages it became evident that Smith was a shameless fraud of world-class proportions. At the end of the book my opinion had amplified. Smith was a superb charlatan. I found I almost revered the man for his audacity and chutzpa.

Something else happened. After I had finished reading the book I was idly thumbing through various pages. I ran across an apology the author made in his Dedication to his children and grandchildren. He states, "I unwittingly perpetuated the delusion indoctrinating and brainwashing the next generation to believe that Mormonism is true." A paragraph later he adds, "I offer them my apologies for not discovering and revealing the truth before it was to late for them." Jim Whitefield knows how hard it is for someone born in the church to break free of the conditioning of the church. This took a rare kind of courage. The Jim Whitefield I had known up until then was a gentle man, with a warm spirit, and good will toward all. After reading this apology I was struck with the breadth of his inner strength. I felt honored to know him. He has let me know that I have further work to do to set things right with my son and my grandchildren. 

If you are a Mormon, Post Mormon, Borderline Mormon, Religious Scholar, Philosopher, Research Historian, etc., you will want to own The Mormon Delusion, Volumes 1 through 5. They are a library in themselves.

Michael Oborn.  Author of: The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: Heritage of Secrets



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