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The Mormon Delusion - Volume 4

The Mormon Missionary Lessons - A Conspiracy to Deceive

First published - January 2011


The Mormon Delusion was originally to be a trilogy, exposing the truth behind the Mormon Church. Volume four came about in response to the fact that Mormon missionaries today are trained to teach investigators the same lies that are still perpetuated within the Church. Evidence, derived from Church history, Smith’s own writings and Mormon so-called scripture, conflicts dramatically with what the Church now portrays as true to unsuspecting investigators. Volume four provides evidence that every aspect of claimed restored truth has been falsely constructed into a fairy tale of warm and fuzzy fiction.

It is this fiction that potential converts take to the Lord in prayer in order to gain a testimony. The resulting supposed answer that people receive is based on an entirely false premise and could therefore not possibly come from any God. It can only be a self-induced delusion based on false evidence and wishful thinking. This fourth volume follows the Mormon missionary lesson manual step by step, explaining and exposing the truth behind the fraudulent claims of Mormonism.


Praise from other authors for TMD - Volume 4

Whitefield’s four volumes are a rich compendium of little-known facts about Mormonism and the Mormons.  Even with my own 25 years as a Mormon and my 50 years of subsequent study, I learned many new things from this author.  He has done a monumental job of researching and studying.  An ultimate reference tool!

Richard Packham.  Founder, The Exmormon Foundation.


Notwithstanding Whitefield’s extensive exposure of the truth behind all things Mormon in his first three books, in Volume 4, as he journeys through the Mormon missionary lessons, he somehow manages to include a whole raft of further devastating information presented in ways not previously seen. This remarkable work is essential for anyone seeking the truth behind everything the Mormon Church has its unsuspecting missionaries teach investigators. No stone remains unturned and no question unanswered. The lies and deceptions of Mormonism are laid bare, page after page and stage by stage, in line with the missionary lessons, from beginning to end, until there is nothing left for the impartial investigator to consider. The hoax is systematically analysed, the fraudulent claims fully revealed, and the entire Mormon conspiracy to deceive is completely exposed – once and for all.

Arza Evans.  Author of: The Keystone of Mormonism.


If you are investigating the LDS church you owe it to yourself to learn the full story of Mormonism. Any church claiming to be the only true church on the earth deserves, and should withstand, the closest of scrutiny. In his characteristically detailed, comprehensive and upfront style, Jim Whitefield tells the side of the Mormon story the missionaries cannot tell because they have never heard it themselves.

Simon G. Southerton Ph.D.  Author of: Losing a Lost Tribe; Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church.


In this raw and real exposé of the Mormon Delusion, Whitefield thoroughly dismantles the key claims of Mormonism, in the order they are presented to an investigator. His logic is irresistible, the facts indisputable, and the research impeccable. Jim will have life-long members thinking about things that never occurred to them – a big one for me it was the ludicrous Nephite system of currency and coinage. Having served a two-year mission overseas myself, I was struck by the extent of the contradictions and falsehoods I unwittingly spread. With a flair for detail and a knowledge of relevant little-known facts associated with church history, Whitefield illustrates how the LDS church fails miserably to uphold the very standards of ethics and honesty it expects of its membership. In the bright light of day, when all the evidence is brought to bear on the so-called pillars of LDS doctrines taught in the missionary lessons, each pillar falters and collapses in turn. Truly Whitefield illustrates how truth does indeed ‘cut its own way’.

Lyndon Lamborn.  Author of: Standing for Something More.


In The Mormon Delusion series, Jim Whitefield takes on the multi-billion dollar public relations machine that is the Mormon Church. In this, his fourth volume, he exposes the church’s missionary program for what it is: a cadre of well-trained, brain-washed salespeople. With meticulous research, irrefutable evidence, and microscopic attention to detail, Whitefield tackles the programming of impressionable young men and women to illustrate the half-truths and lies they are taught to regurgitate to the unsuspecting masses that are impressed by their clean-cut appearance and air of confidence.

Whitefield dissects the lessons, precepts and scriptural teachings of the missionaries and empirically proves the falsehoods of the gospel they so earnestly preach. In the end, his passion for truth and desire to live a principled life wins the day. With humor, intelligence and impeccable scholarship, Whitefield refutes and rejects the teachings of what he proves to be nothing more than one of the world’s largest corporations intent on recruiting tithe-paying stockholders. A must read.

Pamela McCreary.  Author of: Dancing on the Head of a Pin.

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